Google Gears Officially Updated For Firefox 3.5

Windows/Mac/Linux: Google's popular offline browser plug-in Google Gears has been broken ever since Firefox 3.5 was released weeks ago. Frustrated users created their own workarounds, but now Gears is officially back up and running with Firefox 3.5.

Just point your browser to the Gears homepage to download the latest or update through the Firefox Add-ons window by clicking the Find Updates button. After you update, you should be back up and running with Gears, enjoying all the great offline options it has to offer, including previously mentioned Gears-supported features like Offline Gmail and Offline Google Calendar. Google Gear is a free download for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, works with nearly any browser you'd like. Thanks Roy!

Gears [Google]


    Hmm, still not working for me :(
    Just gets stuck in an endless loop of downloading but not really doing anything.

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