Google Adds Hi-Res, Shape Options To Image Search

Google Adds Hi-Res, Shape Options To Image Search
Having recently enabled image search by colour, Google continues to tweak its image searching capacities, with new options to find photos with a specific resolution or a particular shape.

Google Operating System runs down the options, all of which can be accessed by adding parameters to the end of the search URL. In typical Google fashion, it seems likely controls will be added to the search interface if these prove useful. Here’s the new contenders:

  • &imgsz=2MP finds images with 2MP resolution or more. Acceptable options are even numbers from 2 to 12.
  • &imgar=s finds images that are square (the ar stands for aspect ratio).
  • &imgar=ns finds images that are nearly square.
  • &imgar=t finds images that are tall.
  • &imgar=w finds images that are wide.
  • &imgar=xw finds panoramic (extra-wide) images.

Filter Images by Aspect Ratio and Size [Google Operating System]

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