Get Google Gears Up And Running In Firefox 3.5

Get Google Gears Up And Running In Firefox 3.5

Windows/Mac/Linux: Most developers did a bang-up job preparing their extensions for the Firefox 3.5 update, but on the Firefox 3.5 release day, one very popular extension didn’t make the cut: Google’s browser plug-in, Gears.

It’s a week later, and still no update from the folks at Google, but a few adventurous users have hacked together their own Firefox 3.5 compatible builds of Gears. We wouldn’t recommend that just anyone go download and install these Gears builds willy-nilly, but if you’re desperate to get Gears back up and running and you don’t mind a little risk (namely of your browser’s stability), it’s worth a go.

For Windows and Linux versions, check out these custom extension builds from this thread on the Gears Users Google Group. Mac users can try gearsff35osx on Google Code.

I’ve only tested the Windows version and so far everything’s working as expected. You’re mileage may vary, and as we said, if you’re not willing to take on a little beta-style risk (these aren’t official builds), you’re best off waiting for the official release from Google (which one would assume should be coming very soon). If you give it a try, let’s hear how the unofficial builds work for you in the comments. Thanks Matt and Eric!

Unofficial Gears for Windows and Linux [Gears Users Google Group]
Unofficial Gears for Mac OS X (Intel only) [Google Code]


  • Hmm, I haven’t had any luck with the custom builds unfortunately.

    It’s a bit disappointing that google couldn’t push this out quicker. I’m sure they got the “gold” code well and truly before the release. I can understand them not doing a release for each beta/RC but I think it should at least be available pretty promptly after release.

    I don’t want to switch to chrome either, no extensions means no switch. JS bookmarklets aren’t an appropriate substitute either unfortunately.

    Hopefully we’ll get some native HTML5 happening, so I won’t need gears for offline gmail.

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