GButts Gives You Quick Access To Your Favorite Google Services

Firefox (Windows/Mac/Linux): Google provides an astounding number of services. GButts is a small Firefox plugin that creates a "speed dial" toolbar to help you quickly jump to your favourite service.

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If you only use one or two Google services, say Gmail and Google Reader, you may not need quite need the speed Gbutts provides. If you partake of more than a few of the 48 services currently offered however, Gbutts is a handy tool for zipping about.

You can select which services you want to appear in the list and how they will be displayed. The menu is available either as a toolbar or a drop down menu. We're using the drop down menu above, nestled between the address bar and the quick search box. You can also specify if the shortcut will open in a new tab and whether or not that tab should be in the foreground or background.

If you'd like to take a screenshot tour before installing, make sure to check out the screenshot-laden write up at The How-To Geek. GButts is free and works wherever Firefox does.

GButts [via The How-To Geek]


    I use Firefox Keywords to make predefined advanced Google searches:

    Example 1: Search for media files with "A remark you made", using an advanced Google search like this:

    intitle:"index.of" (mp3|avi|mp4) -html -php -asp

    (This search will look for MP3/avi/MP4 files, in index pages with extension html/php/asp)

    * bookmark the results page
    * create a keyword (ie music),
    * in the bookmarks URL,
    replace "" with %s

    Next time you want to search a music title (say birdland), just write "music birdland" in the address bar.

    Example 2. Search for digital lectures about Salman Rushdie

    Use a Google search like this:

    site:edu (mp3|avi) lectures "salman.rushdie"

    (Search will look in .EDU sites, for MP3/AVI lectures about Salman Rushdie)

    * bookmark the results page
    * create a keyword (ie lectures),
    * in the used search string,
    replace "salman.rushdie" with %s

    Next time you want to search for lectures covering any subject, just write: "lectures " in the address bar.

    Play a bit with this method, and you can easily make your own "Advanced Google searches" using Firefox Keywords.


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