From The Tips Box: Windows Run Shortcuts, Random Gmail Signatures

From The Tips Box: Windows Run Shortcuts, Random Gmail Signatures

Dump Launchy for Windows Run, use yoghurt to take pills, and insert random blog posts in your Gmail signature.

Use the Run Dialog Instead of Launchy For Keyword App Launching

Alex wrote in with a tip for using run to open apps with a keyword:

OK, if you use Launchy for starting up apps and stuff with only typing a keyword then you can do the same in vista and xp and every other windows version. I know by making a shortcut of the app or document you want to start, (or a folder), then copy the shortcut in windows/system32 rename it with a short keyword and then all you need is to press windows button + r to see “Run” and type the name of the shortcut. The same way it works for paint you type mspaint, for notepad you type notepad and so on. My shortcuts include fire for firefox, chr for chrome, ccl for ccleaner, b for my personal folder, and similar.

Send Random Blog Posts in Your Gmail Signature

Michele writes in with a clever way to promote your blog or website in every outgoing email:

Using Gmail’s “random signature” (Google Labs option), I point the feed of the random contents to my blog’s rss.

So in my Gmail signature it shows up a random post from my blog.

Nice, huh? 🙂

Yoghurt Helps Make the Medicine Go Down

Rupert sent in a great tip for those of you who have problems swallowing pills:

I’ve always had trouble swallowing pills such as vitamins or painkillers and the other day, I found a way to solve the problem completely. Usually people swallow pills using water or some kind of
fluid but yesterday I tried taking a vitamin with yoghurt instead, making the whole process very easy. I think the thicker texture of the yoghurt conceals the lumpiness of the pill allowing you to get over any psychological barriers to swallowing such large objects. Give it a try!

Photo by JasonRogersFooDogGiraffeBee

Favicons Create More Screen Space

We’ve covered this in the past, but it’s always nice to get a refresher: Nick wanted more screen space in Firefox and sent in his tip on how to achieve it:

There’s a simple way to maximise screen space in Firefox by utilising the favicons of websites. Starting with the default location of bookmarks, right click on each bookmark and go to Properties, then delete the Name field and Save Changes. This should leave you with just the favicons for each website. Then go to View, Toolbars, customise, drag the Bookmarks Toolbar Items up to the right of the menu (File, Edit, etc.), and select Done. Finally go back to View, Toolbars, and deselect the Bookmarks Toolbar. This frees up an entire toolbar and allows for more bookmarks by taking advantage of the favicons that most websites provide.

Use Bread Bag Ties to Stop Ripping Your Hair

Barbara wrote in with an alternate use for bread bag ties:

I always loved that just crimped look for my hair when I was younger but I was never able to tolerate perms. So every morning I would faithfully dampen my hair and braid it with 6 to 8 braids for 10 or minutes to get the look. The problem was that all those little rubber bands kept ripping out my hair. Since then and to this day (now that I have switched over to a french braid), I have always kept a collection of the ties that come off bread bags and use those on the end of ponytails and braids instead of rubberbands.

Photo by Mickelodeon

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