From The Tips Box: Carabiner Cable Management, Facebook Fixes

Dive in for some cool carabiner-based cable management and a neat way to travel with your gear.

Travelling With Your Electronic Gear

Richard needed a way to organise his electronic gear for travelling. Here's what he came up with:

After searching far and wide for a easy-to-use organizer for my laptop bag and not finding one, I made my own. It is the same size as my MacBook so it fit easily into my laptop bag.

I bought a Booq zipper laptop sleeve and added some elastic bands and cord and a little velcro to fit what I need on most trips. I added a $US2 zipper pencil case from Target for the little stuff and it works like sin.

I stitched the elastic bands, velcro and elastic cord using a leather sewing tool which works great. If I had an electric sewing machine that could handle the thickness of the Booq case, that would have been even better.

Carabiner Cable Management

Zachariah shared his way of clearing cable clutter:

I'm a rock climber. I was looking at some carabiners and thought that if these were hung under the desk surface, they would be great to keep the cables together and easy to add and remove cables from. I've got a bunch of carabiners lying around but they are easy to find at most outdoor stores, or even a hardware store. The climbing ones are a bit of an overkill as they are rated for around 5500lbs. The hardware store variety are more than adequate. To mount the carabiners to the bottom of the work surface, I made some brackets out of some AllRound Steel Strapping. Each bracket uses a short length (5 holes), bent in the middle to form a rounded gap and screwed to the work surface (remember to put perpendicular to the back edge of the work surface). You can also use some pre-made hangers if you want. That is about all there is to it.

Hide Those Facebook App Messages, Again.

Jeff wrote in to tell us that the previously mentioned Facebook Purity Greasemonkey script started blocking all of his feeds, then offers this tip that fixes the script (for those willing to dive into the user script):

I noticed fbpurity was blocking all feeds. I looked into the script and determined that changing two instances of

footernodes[i] .parentNode.parentNode.therestoftheline

to just

footernodes[i] .parentNode.therestoftheline

fixes the script.


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