Fold A Map Like A Pro For Easy Access

Sure you could hide your maps on the edge of your notebooks, but if you want access to full maps but don't want to look like the tourist wrestling with an unwieldy map, then you need to learn some advanced map-folding techniques.

Web site Map Reading highlights two different map-folding methods that should improve your map cred; we like the protection method best. Not only does it provide you with a very small, easy to peruse map, but, as Merlin Mann points out at 43 Folders, it's also a smart way to make a 16-page mini-notebook from a sheet of printer paper.

Are you a master of the map? Let's hear your best methods in the comments.

How to fold a map for use in land navigation with map and compass [Map Reading via 43 Folders]


    wow, I didn't know that you need to fold maps in the correct way too.

    Thanks, that is excellent I have never seen maps folded up like that before. Looks like it will take a bit of practice - can't be any worse than trying to fold them up normally, that usually takes several attempts.

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