Five Best Content Filtering Tools

Five Best Content Filtering Tools

Whether you want to keep your kids eyes away from inappropriate content or your employees from wasting time online, you’ll find a variety of great tools available for filtering internet access in today’s Hive Five.

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While we originally intended to approach the topic from a software angle, it quickly became apparent that software didn’t cut it for most people and that the majority of you are using either a combination of desktop software and a proxy server/firewall or just the latter by itself. The following solutions range, in difficultly of installation, from as simple as requiring five minutes to install to as complex as setting up a physical computer as a Linux-based content filter.

DansGuardian (Cross Platform, Free)


K9 (Windows/Mac, Free)

OpenDNS (Cross Platform, Free)

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SquidGuard/Squid (Linux, Free)

Hosts File (Cross Platform, Free)


If you’ve got your own tips, tricks, or even unmentioned tools for filtering internet access, we’d love to hear them in the comments.

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