EditPad Lite Makes Customising Your Text Editor Easy

EditPad Lite Makes Customising Your Text Editor Easy

Windows only: Whether you’re a fan of green on black text, blinking cursors, split windows or any of the things you won’t find on a basic text editor, EditPad Lite has the tweaks you crave.

If you’ve tried out various text editors and been disappointed that they seemed to have either a full compliment of features for programmers or a full compliment of features for non-programmers but never a blend of the two that made it useful for both your code editing and text editing needs, you’ll want to give EditPad Lite a trial run.

So much of EditPad Lite is customisable we had difficulty finding anything we couldn’t customise. You can change everything from the syntax highlighting—they include the highlighting styles of many popular programming applications or you can pick and choose the colors—to the way EditPad Lite launches a new instance of the application.

When you’re not running multiple instances, the tab system makes using multiple documents simple. Tabs give you visual indicators of document status; an unsaved document, for example, has a red tab to remind you to save it. If you’re a frequent saver you can even automate the saving process with interval-based saving. For more features check out the author’s site below or the extensive screenshot tour at The How-To Geek. EditPad Lite is the free demo version of EditPad Pro, but the only missing feature is the spell check dictionary (to cut down on the download size of the free offering). Editpad Pro is Windows only.

EditPad Lite [via The How-To Geek]


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