Earmark “Alternative Offices” When Working Remotely

Earmark “Alternative Offices” When Working Remotely

Even if you work from home, odds are you’ll be out and about at some point during the day. Weblog WebWorkerDaily explains why it’s especially important for those who work from home to keep some alternative offices in mind.

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Blogger Georgina Laidlaw writes that when she started working remotely, she was under the misguided idea that she’d “spend her days working away in the home office with a pot of tea at my elbow”. As it turns out, she’s been doing more work out of her home office than in it. Which is why she suggests web commuters—perhaps more so than their office-based counterparts—need to have alternative offices.

Examples include cafes and libraries, and a good alternative office should ideally have Wi-Fi access, be quiet, and allow you to linger there for hours. You should also be familiar with their opening and closing hours. Georgina also says that these offices should provide easy access to public transportation and clients.

Browse the full post for the full details, and then check out our previous post for other ways to master the art of web commuting.

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