Do Your Research Before Asking For Help

Do Your Research Before Asking For Help

Whether owing to pride, embarrassment or sheer inability, many people have a hard time asking for help. If you count yourself among them, career blogger Marci Alboher has developed some guidelines to help you help yourself.

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One essential tip to bear in mind is to learn as much as you can on your own before engaging an outside source. Marci writes that “before you start contacting friends or hiring professionals, do some research on your own”. In other words, simply because you are asking others for help doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in some work on your own. This means familiarising yourself as best as you can with the subject at hand.

Not only will this bit of effort relay to the expert that you are genuinely invested in knowing more, but you’ll also be able to better gauge how much of an expert the person is. Without some knowledge of the subject matter, you might also miss out on asking the proper follow-up questions. You should apply this rule whether you’re soliciting free or paid advice.

Browse the full post for the other ask-for-help tips, and let us know some other ways to ask for and get the help you want in the comments.

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