DIY Portable Laptop Desk

DIY Portable Laptop Desk
laptopdeskWorried about overheating your legs or general discomfort when your laptop is sitting on your (ahem) lap? Make life more comfortable by building your own portable laptop desk.

Craftzine has a simple basic project to build your own laptop desk using some MDF, upholstery foam and a fabric cover. As the designer points out, not only does this cut down on legwarmer syndrome, it also gives you extra space for using a mouse or attaching external drives.

Despite the title of the project, Iā€™m not totally convinced that its bulk makes it a good notion for the frequent traveller. However, as a lounge room solution, it hits the spot pretty neatly. For ideas on how to mount your laptop when it is on a desk, check out our Top 10 DIY Laptop Stands. Thanks Di!

Travel Laptop Desk [Craftzine]


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