Disable Tab Tearing In Firefox 3.5

Disable Tab Tearing In Firefox 3.5
detachtabThe ability to tear off tabs into a new window was one of the earliest planned features for Firefox 3.5, but it’s not one of those options everyone’s going to love. Here’s how to switch it off.

Perhaps figuring that only mouse-phobics (such as Lifehacker AU’s editor) and people who liked dragging tabs to create shortcuts would care, there’s no easy option to enable or disable tab tearing in Firefox 3.5. Fortunately, you can get there with the prosaically-named bug489729 extension. Install it, restart Firefox, select Disable detached tab and you’re in business.

For more Firefox 3.5 fixing tips, check what to do before installing it.

bug489729 (Disable detach and tear off tab) 1.3 [via Mozilla Links]


    • Depending on your mouse technique and model, you can find sites tearing off when you don’t want them to. The fact that you can have or not have it is yet another advertisement for the usefulness of the extensible Firefox model, really.

  • Previously with Firefox I could drag a tab into a note or html editor and there was the Title with a Hyperlink.

    The new feature in 3.5 stops that.
    The Bug fix just stops the Drag and a new window.
    But I can right click on tab and ask for open in a new window.
    And I can drag the URL from the address line icon no need to make drag tab provide URL.

    • Solved my problem – installed addon called CoLT – a right click and you have options to select links including Title and URL great for Blog Comments. There is an Add function I have a title HTML for Email and also ticked selection box Rich text HTML and exactly what I wanted and better than dragging Tabs

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