Design Floor Plans With Excel

Design Floor Plans With Excel

Rather than spend money on a commercial tool for designing floor plans, interior design, or laying out your landscaping, you can tweak Microsoft Excel to make an adequate replacement.

The PC Magazine web site writes up how to tweak Excel to make it look more like a sheet of grid paper, which you can then add colours and borders to easily lay out your design. To create your own Excel grid paper, use Ctrl+A to highlight the entire worksheet, set the Column Width to 1, and the Row Height to 9. Once you’ve done so, you can continue filling in the squares with colours, borders, text and anything else you would like.

For more, check out how to save time with Excel’s double-click tricks or use Excel to keep a log for your job search.

Use Excel as an Architectural Design Tool [PC Mag]


  • People fall into two camps with their ability to access & load software. At home on your own PC the freeware tools described by readers are great. I have done this. But at work in a typical corporate organisation you are not allowed access to freeware. Or to get publisher, autocad lite or similar software added is a nightmare of justifications and management negotiations.

    As an engineer I have found Excel to be a very handy and useful drawing tool both for scaled sketches as described as well as non-scale concept sketches.

    I also use screen prints of drawings and load them into MS Paint to make modifications in proportional scale as well.

    Interestingly, I find both Excel and Paint methods much faster than CAD software, with the added knowledge/benefit that anyone else in the organisation has the basic corporate software to open and read what I’m communicating in my work. Not everyone has Volo Viewer (for Cad drawing review) or access to the same freeware (for file reading compatibility).

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