Delicious Spy Keeps A Real-Time Eye On New Bookmarks

Delicious Spy Keeps A Real-Time Eye On New Bookmarks

If you think that real-time Twitter searching has been getting too much attention lately and you wish there was a handy real-time monitor for Delicious, you’ll definitely want to check out Delicious Spy.

Delicious Spy offers a real time view of the incoming bookmarks for the Delicious bookmarking service. Everything coming in scrolls by, but you can hold back the flood by applying filters to the stream so you only see bookmarks about the things you care about. From the stream you can save directly to Delicious or to the social-media sites Digg and Reddit. One advantage that Delicious Spy has over watching real-time Twitter searches is that every single entry is an actual web site and not merely related text or commentary.

If you have another tool, search-related or otherwise, that helps you get the most from Delicious we want to hear about it in the comments.

Delicious Spy [via MakeUseOf]

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