Daily Record Of Events Makes Ubiquitous Capture A Snap

Daily Record Of Events Makes Ubiquitous Capture A Snap

Windows only: Daily Record of Events is a lightweight tool that creates an easy point of entry for inserting notes, musings and other capture-worthy snippets into your organisation system with a simple keyboard shortcut.

Daily Record of Events is an Auto Hotkey-based tool which enables a simple hotkey (Win+N by default) to summon either a text dialogue box, for those who use Evernote or plain text files as their organisation system of choice, or your default OneNote page for those who use Microsoft OneNote for GTD. The screenshot above shows a Daily Record of Events entry in my GTD-based OneNote setup.

By editing the INI file you can change the formatting of the time stamp and entry, what application it will use (OneNote, Evernote, text) and how it will interact with the application you choose. It’s a simple but effective tool for making ubiquitous capture more fluid. In addition to capture in the aforementioned applications, there are also keyboard shortcuts for creating new Outlook messages and tasks. Check out the link below for more features and make sure to read the readme.pdf for instructions on customising your setup.

If you have a favourite method for speedy computer-based capture, let’s hear about it in the comments below.

Daily Record of Entry [Manage This!]

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