Choose Multipurpose Objects Rather Than Plastic Toys

children_marblesThe shops are already filling with toys for Christmas, but there's a bunch of good reasons to think twice before whacking down your money even if that kiddie favourite is seriously discounted.

Over at our sibling site Babble, there's an intriguing interview with Debbie Hodgson, who's just written a book, Sustainable Baby about eco-friendly parenting. Hodgson points out that buying the latest Dora dongle is inevitably a short-term choice:

I really think that not just talking about plastic, but custom made toys, they’re very limited in that you buy them and the child has to use them for that one purpose. Not only are they unsustainable because once that purpose has passed you have to throw it out, it also doesn’t grow with the child. Developmentally, it’s better to have something that can grow with a child.

Hodgson also points out that giving your toddler their own space to play in — even if that's just two chairs covered with a tablecloth — is often just as popular as buying them more gear. For more in this vein, check out commercial baby toy alternatives and how to paint with spaghetti.

Picture from Wikimedia Commons.

Consume Less, Live Better [Babble]


    Anyone see the irony of seeing this article on the front page, alongside the animated advert for Nerf guns? (Screen capped for evidence for Mediawatch *grin*)

    This is why I always advocate strongly for toys like Lego bricks. Sure they're expensive, but they last forever and the way you use them changes over the years. I still have my lego's from more than 30yrs ago in my collection, and still use them today.

    I second the Legos.

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