Border Skin Enables Aero Glass Window Borders In XP

Windows only: customisation utility Border Skin adds the Aero Glass effects from Windows 7 or Vista to your PC running XP.

Once you've downloaded and launched the no-installation-required software, you'll see an icon in the system tray that provides easy access to all of the settings. Simply choose a theme from the Skins menu folder, and all of your windows will be transformed into a surprisingly decent Aero look. Readers should note that any utility that customises the native look & feel is going to drag performance a bit—but this one didn't seem too bad in our testing. Border Skin is a free download for Windows XP only.

Border Skin - Aero Glass On XP [deviantART via Tweaking with Vishal]


    another program that is full of fail. tried it... crashed, managed to recover... tried it once more, this time it crashed so hard only hitting the power button on my computer managed to stop it. why are these things so lame?
    i have a decently powered computer too.

    So far, so good. I don't have problems with the program (yet).

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