Bill Gates’ Multiple Monitor Email Management System

Bill Gates’ Multiple Monitor Email Management System
Bill GatesHere at Lifehacker, we’re big fans of the multiple monitor approach, and it turns out Microsoft founder Bill Gates is too. But has he developed the optimal approach to email management?

In a post on the Office Hours blog, Gates describes his use of a three-monitor setup to handle tasks. For anyone used to a multi-monitor environment, it’s largely familiar stuff:

I keep my Outlook 2007 Inbox open on the screen to the left so I can see new messages as they come in. I usually have the message or document that I’m currently reading or writing in the center screen. The screen on the right is where I have room to open up a browser or look at a document that someone has sent me in e-mail.

Keeping email open on one screen is a typical feature in multiple monitor setups, but using the second window to read the messages is perhaps less common. For Outlook users, the on-screen reading pane suffices, while Gmail users are working on a single browser window for everything. So should Gates be approaching the problem differently? Share your critiques of Bill or your own multiple monitor setup secrets in the comments.

Office Hours: How Bill Gates uses Office [Inside Office Online blog]


  • Bill has given me an idea.
    I didn’t really need an extra monitor but Bill gave me an idea.
    So now I have my old 20″ widescreen next to my new 24″ one.
    I have a TV tuner card so I am now web surfing / emailing on 1 and watching Torchwood on the other.

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