Apple Half-Revives Singles With Digital 45s

Apple Half-Revives Singles With Digital 45s
digitalsingleWe’ve already moaned about how singles are effectively dead in Australia. Apple’s new promotion of “digital singles” via iTunes is a partial solution — but only a very partial one.

Apple’s “digital 45’s” replicate the classic single format, with an A-side and a B-side. (Apple has long sold “bundles” to promote singles, but has never labelled them quite this explicitly before.) At $2.19 for two tracks, they’re also cheaper than most other music on iTunes.

While it’s nice to acknowledge the history of the single in this way, there are two problems. The first is that this is entirely a set of re-releases, with the newest single on offer I could spot being Missy Higgins’ ‘The Special Two’. I like singles, but I want them to be contemporary. The second problem is that in several cases, the B-sides on the singles are album tracks anyway, so there’s nothing much gained other than saying “I bought the single”. If Apple starts actively promoting new digital 45s, then I’ll get excited.

iTunes Digital 45s (iTunes link)

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