Amplify Your Speakerphone With A Cereal Bowl

Amplify Your Speakerphone With A Cereal Bowl

Sometimes the volume on your mobile phone’s speaker just isn’t loud or clear enough. What can you do without a soldering iron or third-party add-on? Turn a breakfast utensil into a makeshift amplifier.

Photo by tracyshaun

Frank writes about a trick he and his wife use to help on weekend family calls:

[We]place our cell phone in a cereal bowl for greater speakerphone amplification. Aiming the speaker at the bottom of the bowl reflects the sounds up the sides and out with a significantly greater “punch” than without. Likewise, the microphone seems to pick up our voices much more effectively, as well.

Just be sure the bowl’s devoid of moisture; otherwise, you may need to raid the litterbox supplies to save your phone.

Do you have a favourite speakerphone hack? Another way of making a call audible to everyone? Tell us about it in the comments. Thanks, Frank!


  • The centre console in my car has a little area for wallets etc. I find putting my phone in that on speakerphone amplifies it quite a lot and allows you to make hands free calls while driving. But now I have a bluetooth mic built in so this is redundant.

  • Back in the good old days when me and da boyz would listen to music on the bus or train from our mobile phone speakers, just cupping your hand so it makes a hollow around the speaker could achieve a similar result. I miss the good old days!

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