Album Spotter Keeps You Up-to-Date With Your Music

Album Spotter Keeps You Up-to-Date With Your Music

If you’ve ever wanted a fast, automated way to check if you’ve got the latest albums from your favourite bands, web site Album Spotter might be your answer.

Just export your library in iTunes (File > Library > Export library), and then upload it to Album Spotter. Once the site finishes analysing your library, you’re presented with a results page that lists every album you have (complete with album art, name, and Amazon link) along with the latest album available. When the latest album is highlighted in green, you already have the latest from that artist (the name of every album you own will show in green as well).

If you’d rather just check a few artists manually, you can enter their name on the homepage of Album Spotter in the “check a specific artist” box—though this search box was a little buggy in our tests. (If you search for “Bob Dylan” it returns no results; “Dylan” works just fine.) The latest album will show up immediately, again, linked to Amazon. Thanks Bill!

Album Spotter


  • Gotta say I’m very disappointed. It seems you cannot use Internet Explorer (even version 8). You get an error claiming that your “browser, Internet Explorer, can not handle the modern web technologies used in this application. Please click OK to upgrade…”. Clicking on the link takes you to the Firefox installation page. To exclude a large market segment (and some, as in my case, are a captive market due to my work’s SOE preferences) seems a bit rough. Anyone tried it on Safari?

  • Paul, I understand how it must be a disappointment being forced to use IE and all because you are at work. But IE literally cannot handle my Ajax calls and JavaScript functions. AlbumSpotter is not a company or anything it’s just a little project I put together one weekend. At the moment I do not have time to completely re-write the array based JavaScript algorithm I wrote to work with that horrible excuse for a browser, so give it a try when you get home with a real browser that can handle modern web technologies if you really like the idea or want to give it another try. But I do apologize for not supporting IE, it’s just too obnoxious, and I don’t have time to make AlbumSpotter work with IE right now.

    Mike, thanks for trying it out, it surely does show the latest ‘material’ from a specific artist, including re-releases, DVD’s, and documentaries, but most of the time it’s new albums. That’s why I didn’t call it MaterialSpotter. But I personally made the site so I can keep up to date with any new material from my favorite artists, whether it is a DVD or re-release. Sorry if that’s not what you’re looking for.


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