3 Tweaks Pricing As Its iPhone Launch Looms

3 Tweaks Pricing As Its iPhone Launch Looms
On the day that it finally joins Australia’s other carriers in selling iPhones, 3 has reduced the per-month charges for acquiring an older iPhone on a 24-month plan.

3 only announced its pricing plans on Monday, but has already decided to tweak them prior to launch. The older iPhone 3G will now being offered for free on 3’s $49 cap, as well as the $79 and $110 caps. (Why anyone would choose the older phone on the $79 or $110 plan when they could have a 3GS is beyond me too.)

Customers who pre-registered to order an iPhone from 3 can purchase one from today, while 3 stores will begin selling them tomorrow — though experience suggests you might want to take the advice from the reps with a grain of salt. (As I write, the old prices are still listed on the 3 site, but the new prices, which I was sent directly by 3, should appear shortly).

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