WizeHive Offers Simple Project Management

WizeHive Offers Simple Project Management

If you’re looking for a feature-rich project management tool, WizeHive offers a broad range of tools to make planning, managing, and sharing your projects easier.

WizeHive makes it easy to organise notes, files and tasks with a simple to use web-based interface. You can customise the colours, logos, and layout to fit your project. You can share files, videos, and pictures with your teammates as well as tasks and notes. If you’re managing multiple projects within WizeHive there is a handy twitter-like management screen which shows all the updates from all the projects making it easy to see where activity is occurring. Check out the video below to see WizeHive in action:

In addition to the web-based interface there is an Adobe Air driven desktop client which provides a simple interface for managing tasks and other activities. WizeHive is currently in beta and completely free. After it leaves beta the free accounts will be slighty—but reasonably—restricted to having a smaller number of users than the small business accounts.

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