Windows 7 Creates New Folders With A Hotkey

Windows 7 Creates New Folders With A Hotkey

Reader Samir writes in with an excellent tip—Windows 7 finally includes the ability to add new folders from the keyboard with a shortcut key combination.

To create a new folder, simply press Ctrl+Shift+N with an explorer window open and the folder will instantly show up, ready to be renamed to something more useful. You can also create a shortcut on your desktop by minimizing all open windows or using the Win+D combination to show the desktop, and then just hit the new folder shortcut key to create a new folder. It’s a tiny, but extremely useful tip—though if you prefer the mouse you’ll be happy to know that Windows 7 includes a New Folder button as well. Thanks, Samir!

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 7 yet, I’ve previously written an article covering how to create a new folder using the keyboard, but the wealth of awesome, underhyped features in Windows 7 really makes it worth a look—and we’ve got you covered with a guide to help you upgrade.

Win 7 – New Folder Keyboard Shortcut


  • This hole short cut thing is getting out of hand.
    Copied from apple which has a short cut for every thing (and no right click)when is the Ctrl+alt+insert+ backspace+※ will come back.
    ※ is from a previous life hacker post. Love ya life hacker (and yes I see the irony of using a short to demonstrate a shortcut ha ha)
    I always thought making a new file was what right click on a mouse is for.

  • As much as there are getting to be a lot of shortcuts, i think there should be more. There should be one for everything. There are more than enough possible combinations of the windows key, and ctrl, alt, shift to attach a shortcut to almost every clickable task.

    As for all these shortcuts getting out of hand, you would only need to remember the ones you’d use. Just because they’re part of the system, doesnt mean you HAVE TO use them.

  • hey guys do u want that allso for XP and Vista? check this out you will need a program that recordes keystroke macro you may allso be able to do this if you have a mouse that have some aditional buttons and thats awesome cuz u can hit that button and creates a new folder fast and comfy if u dont have a mouse like that then ull need the program for example i use ComfortKeys 3.6 and its a very cool app u can allso find it cracked if you want (if u cant find it cracked email me ->[email protected] ) now here is the trick ->for the mouses choose the button record keystroke macro for a button and press Context key (the key between win key and right ctrl like a small context menu with an upward pointing arrow )then W then F ; ones again -> Context key+W+F and there you go . If you have ComfortKeys program then open your cKeys keyboard shortcut settings ,pick a shortcut key then for that shortcut key select the action type ‘Play keystroke macro’ then Record -> OK-> then tap ONLY these keys ”Context key then W then F” enjoy 🙂

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