Windows 7 Australian Upgrade Pricing: Unclear, Expensive

Windows 7 Australian Upgrade Pricing: Unclear, Expensive
windows7proWindows 7 will set you back at least $199, but upgrade paths for new PC buyers are still ill-defined for Australian users.

Any PC purchased from 26 June running Vista Home Premium, Business or Ultimate will be eligible for an upgrade to Windows 7 for “little or no cost”, according to a Microsoft Australia press release. However, what that means in practical cost terms hasn’t been announced, and it will vary by manufacturer — so some might offer a completely free upgrade while others slug you for “delivery fees” and other random expenses. The offer will run until the end of January 2010.

For new copies, Microsoft is trumpeting the fact that a new copy of Windows 7 Home Premium will cost $299 — $50 less than the equivalent version of Vista. However, every other option either costs the same as Vista or is more expensive.

Upgrade pricing for Home Premium is $199, Professional is $399 and Ultimate is $429. For brand-new copies, Home Premium costs $299, Professional is $499 and Ultimate is $469. In both cases, Ultimate costs more than the equivalent Vista release. There’ll likely eventually be cheaper student and OEM prices, but those haven’t been announced by Microsoft.

While the online world is already comparing the prices for Windows 7 to Apple’s upcoming Snow Leopard (which still doesn’t have an Australian upgrade price), that doesn’t seem an entirely fair comparison. The lack of new features in Snow Leopard makes it more akin to a Windows Service Pack — an option Microsoft has always offered for free.

Does those prices seem reasonable to you, or make you thinking you’ll be uninstalling the Windows 7 RC next year when it stops working? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • I initially got excited about windows 7 and installed it and was planning to switch to the RC after good reports. But after a while, the only benefit I could see was a slightly flashier interface. Now that it will cost so much, it reay is a case of why bother.

    I just moved my email to gmail so all this looking at new OSes has got me looking back at switching to Ubuntu Linux instead. More and more of my apps are now available on Linux, and with VM ware you can convert your xp install into a VM and run it out of their free player on linux. Best of both worlds!

  • Windows will always be pricy, but this defintiley is a must have release. I have it running on tiny netbooks, to my full production machines and it’s just better. Even without the flashy new interface, it feels a lot less sluggish.

    • But I think a lot of people will be comparing Windows 7 with an old install of XP with all its crap and slowdown. I just reinstalled XP after years and it seems so zippy and sweet again also. Any new windows install will feel zippy.

  • Ouch!

    I hope student pricing is sensible because I have two computers running the RC at the moment that I would love to keep running 7 on. One is a netbook that I dread rolling back to XP, and Vista is not an option for it.

    There is no way I am spending $800 to upgrade two machines, and home premium is missing a few crucial features.

    Where is the Family Pack product pricing Microsoft? You do it for Office.

  • Microsoft are running a pre-order campaign so you can get an upgrade from XP or Vista to W7 home premium for $49 or ultimate for $99.

    This offer is available in most parts of the world…but not Australia???

  • Dear Microsoft,

    You almost had me… You were so very, very close…

    $429 for an upgrade?

    What exactly are you trying to achieve? Is it that you want me to steal your software? Or do you think that people are that unhappy with vista that they will pay out the nose for what is essentially a service pack….

    F**k you M$….

    Dictated but not read,

    Former product owner

  • Buckleys chance of paying $400 for the Professional upgrade, sorry MS. 5 machines in the house to upgrade, totally $2000? For some of those machines, the software is more expensive than the hardware used to build them.

    To add insult to injury, ever other OECD country seems to get discounted upgrades ($100US for Professional in the States) while we get shafted.

    Unless some competitive OEM offerings are available, I think I’ll be sticking with my older licenses, or migrating to something free. At least if I do go with Ubuntu I don’t need to worry about the family killing our PCs with malware.

  • After I finish uni at the end of this year I’m getting rid of all my Windows 7 RCs and moving to ubuntu/fedora/opensuse (haven’t decided which yet). The only reason I boot into windows is to use Office 2007 which everyone uses (keeps formatting consistent).

  • I have Vista home premium – there is no chance of me paying $200 for an upgrade. If it costs more than AU$75, there is more chance of me moving to Ubuntu than Windows 7!! Time to get into the 21st century MS – customers won’t pay that much for what is now a comodity – everything we use is online and any operating system will do… time to update your broken business model!

  • I’ll be pirating Windows 7 at those prices.

    If Microsoft don’t play fair, then neither will I.

    Now instead of making $50-$100 revenue, they’ll be making $0.

    Silly policy Microsoft.

    The alternative I’ll try to buy the Academic Edition which i’m sure some retard at the shops will sell me without asking for a student card.

  • I have a HP tablet PC (tx1000) I bought in the US that came with Vista Business and I just upgraded it to 7 Professional via Amazon. I’ll be in the US visiting family when it arrives at my son’s in Oct, but I’m really disgusted with Microsoft failing to offer Australians a pre-order discount. What a surefire way to destroy goodwill. I’m both an American and an Australian and I’m insulted as both.

  • HP might have been first to announce their version of the Windows7 upgrade policy, but on the first day of the upgrade program they sold me a HP Mini 2140 – the netbook loaded with Vista and 2Gig of RAM, which runs well on Vista. However for some inexplicable reason HP have excluded the 2140 from the upgrade program. I thought Vista-compatible devices were meant to benefit from Win7. I have asked for an official explanation from HP.

  • Another good reason to get a mac and use OSX. After all micro$aft is trying to play catch up. If you want a cheaper option build youself a hackintosh 🙂

  • Interesting how you get a 50 – 58% discount (depending on version e.d Windows 7 Professional costs approx AUD126) off windows 7 in the USA why don’t those Microsoft thieves give Australian customers the same deal???

  • After buying that clunky pile of trash they call vista ultimate, i don’t think i will buy another Microsoft product. Absolute con artists.

    Also the development costs argument is not valid as Microsoft will make enough money back just from business licenses.

    Personally i think there should only be one version of windows 7, not 3 and it should cost around 200 dollars au flat. Decreasing piracy is simple, give the users the best product possible at a good price and people will pay.

  • Any idea if we can just buy the upgrade from the USA?

    49 usd for home premium and 99 usd for professional… do M$ think the aussie dollar is still 50cent to the US?

    NewEgg have the upgrade coupon thingy going too…

    Surely there’s nothing stopping us from buying in usa and getting it shipped? or is there?! 😉

  • Wow! Didn’t you just say Microsoft always provide their service packs for free? Some genius at MS thought they can rename a service pack into “Windows 7” and charge like a wounded bull to make up for all those copies of Vista they never sold. Way to go! At least Apple is only charging US$29 for their upgrade. Oh well, another good reason to switch.

  • I sure I comment on a page about that we are paying up to 100% more in Australia than in the USA. I have not been able to get a straight answer from anyone. So until this issue is meet I think I might be turning to Ubuntu (or save up and buy a mac)

  • The upgrade price ex the US is $199 and in Australia it is $399. I don’t understand why we pay three times the price that is paid in the US. Why don’t I just get a friend in the US to buy it and send me the CD?

  • If u dont know how 2 dload and crack win7 by now (boot loaders), id say you must be dumb! for those who dont get upset by getting ripped off, buy a legit oem serial only(ultimate) off ebay under $40 au and torrent an untouched copy. instal and problem solved.

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