Win One Of Eight NERF Blasters

Foam and dart weaponry doesn’t usually grace the hallowed pages of Lifehacker. But in the name of recapturing our youth - not to mention scoring a NERF Vulcan EBF-25 or Recon CS-6 - we’re happy to make an exception. To win your very own NERF Vulcan or Recon, simply click through to our sister site Kotaku, and test your trigger finger on their NERF shooter game. There are 8 blasters up for grabs and just five weeks to win one of them. [NERF on Kotaku]


    You have to get the highest score in the Flash game to be able to win this. You may need to spend a few hours practicing it.

    Alright! Top score!
    I really want one of those Vulcans. Just to intimidate work mates.

    yes won it better luck next tim e :-)

    didnt really sad face

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