Which Keyboard Keys Would You Make Bigger?

Which Keyboard Keys Would You Make Bigger?
lenovokeyboardLenovo’s newly-released 400s notebook includes double-height Esc and Delete keys to make them easier to access. How could that idea be extended?

Speaking as someone who frequently uses the Esc key to close dialogs but still occasionally ends up cursing when hitting the adjacent F1 key launches an unwanted help window, I’m entirely in favour of this concept for notebooks. On a full desktop keyboard, spacing means that keys like Esc are pretty easy to locate, but in a more compact notebook environment, such keys are often the first to get shrunk (or even worse, made accessible only via a Fn-key combination).

While Esc is probably the prime candidate, other keys could also benefit from the same treatment. How would you like to see keyboard layouts altered for better productivity? Share your thoughts in the comments.


  • Instead of making the keys bigger, I’d be inclined to put the little notches on some that are on the home keys F and J.

    Say, a notch on Esc so you know when your finger is centered on it, then depending on the layout of the keyboard, a notch in the middle of a group of related keys (so, if Del, Home, PgUp, PgDn, and Ins are in a group with Home in the center, put the notch on Home, so that you know how to get to the other keys from there) – exactly the same way you find the home keys on keyboards today.

  • HAHA, its a very interesting topic.
    I hope my ENTER key bigger because I always press the wrong button.
    And I hope the Num LK disappear. I hate that when I’m inputing a lot of number for my work, I press it but I dun knw it.

  • I bought a Microsoft keyboard with half size across the top row ESC -> Pause/Break.

    It’s so stupid… so much harder to smash the ESC key.

    I would make all power/sleep keys a complete different texture / shape… I hate when they are in the place that “insert/home/page up” belongs because as a coder i find myself pressing sleep instead of home. it’s very annoying

  • Somewhat ironic that lenovo are cited here. These are one of the morons who decided to put the Fn key in the bottom left corner (replacing the traditional place for the Ctrl key), thereby completely disrupting established standards and breaking Fitt’s Law.

    What is truly terrible is there is no fix for this and Lenovo – despite giving themselves self congratulatory pats on the back every few months in their Design Matters blog – are keeping completely silent on the issue.

  • As a owner of a brand new T400s, i must say the larger keys are definitely a welcome change, but i must say the matt finish to the trackpad is also a welcome improvement.

    But your right around the Function key, although at least nothing happens when you press it by mistake.

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