Weave Now Syncs Firefox Preferences, Auto-Logins

Weave Now Syncs Firefox Preferences, Auto-Logins

Firefox 3.5: Weave, Mozilla’s add-on to synchronise bookmarks, passwords, and now preferences and automatic logins across Firefox browsers, updated to a 0.4 beta, just in time for the release of 3.5—which could happen tomorrow, by the way.

We’ve previously covered Weave’s major release, albeit still as an experimental product, and found ourselves intrigued at its plans to provide automatic web site logins. This release includes those automatic logins and OpenID support, for sites that support it, and can sync your browser preferences across systems, giving it a leg up on cross-browser solutions like Xmarks. This version of Weave also works with the Fennec mobile browser 1.0 beta 2, just released for (touchscreen) Windows Mobile and Maemo devices.

What’s that about Firefox 3.5’s official release? The developers told Betanews Friday night that, assuming no more show-stopping bugs are reported, Firefox 3.5 could be pushed out as an official release “as soon as Tuesday, June 30”. No indicator which time zone’s Tuesday that refers to, but it’s nice to hear even the softest of target dates.

Mozilla Weave is a free download, works wherever Firefox 3.5 does.

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