WarrantyElephant Organises And Tracks Your Warranties

WarrantyElephant Organises And Tracks Your Warranties

Warranties aren’t fun or Bluetooth-capable, but they are crucial when you need them. Keep proper track of your product warranties with the WarrantyElephant web site.

After signing up for an account, you can plug in warranty information for the products you own, including company name, model number, serial number, warranty contact information, and even upload scans of the invoice and warranty registration card.

WarrantyElephant, in addition to acting as a repository for your warranty info, will also email notifications to you as the end of your warranty draws near, starting at six months, again at one month, and, finally, when you have one week left. While not something you usually jump out of your chair with excitement over, saving the full cost of a replacement makes a warranty something you’ll pump your fist in victory over when your organisation pays off.

WarrantyElephant [via MakeUseOf]


  • Umm, why? Seems superfluous; why not just keep your receipts and warranties in a file or a box? When an item breaks, look for the warranty, and see if it is still covered… it’s not like knowing that your warranty will expire in a month is going to change anything – the event that matters is the device breaking, not the warranty expiring.

    • Actually, knowing the warranty is about to expire is hugely helpful in many cases. Not once, but twice I got a bit lazy and did not fix something right away that was broken. By the time I got around to it, the warranty expired.

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