Use Dye To Breathe Life Into An Old Rug

What do you do with a rug that is stained but otherwise usable? With a simple and cheap dye job, you can give it a new lease on life.

The rug pictured here was stained, and no amount of professional cleaning could save it. The owner didn't want to get rid of the rug—it was seriously soft and comfy in home office—so she used a DIY dye process to mask the stain and return the rug to service.

It is a wool Karastan, good quality and soft to the feet ... I had a packet of rit dye that I bought years ago but never used in a blue jean colour, but added another packet to make the colour deeper. I took the rug outside, laid it on an old shower curtain, dissolved the dye and put it into an empty windex container. Then I sprayed the dye all over the rug until the colour was fairly even ... The next day I took the garden hose and totally sprayed the rug, washing out some of the colour. The resulting colour looks to me like faded blue jeans, and it restored the soft feeling of the wool.

Even if you had to buy a shower curtain or plastic painter's tarp and an empty spray bottle, your cost for the dye project would still be quite minimal, and the Re-Nest writer writes that she's pleased with the resulting texture and rescued functionality.

If you've ever used dye in a bid to save a faded or stained item around your house, sound off in the comments below.

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