Use Album Covers To Inspire Photo Editing

Use Album Covers To Inspire Photo Editing
policeinspiredLooking for some ideas on how to jazz up some digital images? Look no further than your CD collection.

Photoshop expert Helen Bradley walks through how she used the cover of the classic 1983 Police album Synchronicity as the inspiration for editing a series of travel images. It’s a great idea, and one which you could adapt with almost any album. Here’s a few random examples to get you started — feel free to suggest other source ideas in the comments.

CD Inspiration – Police’s Synchronicity album cover [Projectwoman]



  • Funnily enough, while I like the idea of getting inspiration from Album covers and I don’t mind the Synchronicity album cover, I think the Greyscale really takes the life out of these pictures. It’d be worth trying though, as well as seeing what else Helen Bradley produces along these lines.

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