Two $20 iTunes Cards For $30 At Big W

bigwitunesFrom June 11 until 24, Big W is offering two $20 iTunes cards for $30 — a deal which echoes a similar recent discount at JB Hi-Fi (which runs until June 13). At the rate these discounts are showing up, buying a full-priced iTunes card is starting to look distinctly unwise. Big W [via OzBargain]


    Unless you're referring to something other than that picture, it's actually two $20 cards for $30

    EH? add says two $20 iTunes cards for $30?

      D'oh! I need a good slap today. Fixed now.

    can these be used in the US store, or just the AU iTunes store?

      AU store only I would imagine, as they're being sold by an AU retailer.

    Is it just music/videos or would these work for buying iPhone Apps as well?

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