Turn Old CDs Into A DIY IPod Dock

Turn Old CDs Into A DIY IPod Dock

Got a pile of old, scratched-up coasters that you don’t really need anymore? You can repurpose them into a dock for your iPod, iPhone or other audio player.

The Geeky Gadgets blog walks you through the process of taking a stack of discs, a Dremel rotary tool, some glue and the USB cable for your iPod and turning them into a dock. The steps are simple, and if you already have the glue laying around it shouldn’t cost you a cent—just the type of DIY hack we like.

If you don’t want to build an iPod dock, there’s lots of clever uses for CDs—you can build your own lamp from a stack of CDs or repurpose your empty CD spindle.

Got your own favourite use for those extra discs everybody has laying around? Tell us in the comments.

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