Top 10 Wallpaper Tools & Tweaks

Top 10 Wallpaper Tools & Tweaks

A good wallpaper provides a pleasant backdrop to productivity. A great wallpaper changes your whole computer experience. See some of the best image sources, software and usability tweaks we’ve come across and rolled up for your downloading pleasure.

10. Wallpaper that looks like a desktop

layered desktop on Flickr

9. Relive your time-wasting past (or present)


8. Match it with a custom theme

Jason’s guide to custom themes

7. Embed a calendar

RaindlendarWallpaper tool

6. Find a great source

readers’ favourite multi-monitor wallpaper spots70-wallpaper roundup

5. Make your iPhone wallpaper productive

screenshot tour

4. Use multi-monitor images with UltraMon or DisplayFusion

3. Rotate your wallpaper

Wallpaper ClocksDesktopiaWallpaper JugglerDawn of Ubuntu set

2. Add killer customisations

1. Roll Your Own

RepperCollagrTop Drawmake a “Life Poster,”

Let’s hear—and, more importantly, see!—your own wallpaper modifications, your favourite image sources, and other tips in the comments.

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