The Serene Workspace

The Serene Workspace

Today’s featured workspace has quite a spread of features: triple monitors, a wall mounted HDTV, ample desk space and soothing lighting to boot.

Lifehacker reader Schodts has been tweaking and tuning his workspace setup for some time. The current incarnation is a pleasing multi-monitor setup with plenty of space to work. Thanks to a wall mount for the TV and a repurposed glass table top turned monitor shelf the common desktop fixtures like monitor stands, phones, and pencil cups have been lifted off the desk freeing up more space. Scoot the keyboard and mouse under the monitor shelf and you’ve got a wide open space to work in. For pictures of his workspace in progress, including an early version 1.0 from 1997 sporting a Gateway 2000 monolith, and specs on some of the items on his desk, check out the link below for copious notes on his setup.

The Serene Workspace [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]


  • Yeah, well not really impressed that the guy has the money to buy 3 monitors and the TV, but really impressed with the floating glass!
    -The glass sculpture on the left i assume would just be for the ‘photo shoot’.

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