The Quad Monitor Alcove

The Quad Monitor Alcove

We’re fairly certain that such high tech offerings have never been housed in such a soothingly rustic alcove. Multiple monitors, lots of computing power and a flexible ergonomic desk make for quite a workspace.

Lifehacker reader Mandrake has assembled quite a setup for himself. From the custom ergonomic chair to the tilting work surface of the ergonomic desk, the workspace is geared for long term comfort.

In addition to comfort the setup certainly doesn’t want for power—or a thirst for electricity for that matter—the 30″ monitors are hooked up to his 8 core Mac Pro. The 52″ HDTV is in turn hooked up to an Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and a Mac Mini. Whether he settles into the chair for work or play there is plenty of each to go around. For more pictures, extensive notes, and a links to the items you see in the photo above, check out the link to Mandrake’s Flickr pool for the project below.

The Quad Monitor Alcove [Lifehacker Workspace Show and Tell Pool]

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