The Minimalist Windows Desktop

Reader Matt liked the look of the Minimalist OS X desktop, so he ported the whole thing over to Windows using Rainmeter. Now he's sharing the configuration for everybody to enjoy.

The very simple desktop uses only a few components to create:

Hit the link for the downloadable Rainmeter configuration file. Great job, Matt!

Minimalist Rainmeter Configuration


    how do i apply this to rainmeter?

    It seems as though this does not work with Windows 7, as the applet keeps freezing up. I have tried removing the RAM and CPU functions, but to no avail. Quite a shame.

    Also, to Steven above me, you simply create a folder called "Minimal" in 'C:/Program Files/Rainmeter/Skins' and then put the Minimal.ini inside of it, then reload the program it will be visible in the selection options.



    I have the info up on my desktop with rainmeter, however the CPU usage and weather etc is overlapping the main date. It will let me drag around all of the content as one but not each individual stat. Can anyone help?


    If you rightclick rainmeter and choose "minimal" it will expand out - lots of options like save postion and drag and drop and that sort of stuff - the one you want is "edit skin" (or you can edit the ini file from the minimal folder)

    Edit the X and Y coordinates - for the time being any of the meters for time/data [meterHour] change the Y value to 100. If there is already a Y value (ie Y=20) then make it 120.

    Save the INI file and then right click the rainmeter icon and choose refresh all.

    thanks chris, although, it does work on windows 7 rc1 64bit, but the cpu & weather & ram overlap the date, basically screwing the whole thing up, but still, its an awesome config.


    I already used the config file and edited it but one problem remains, When I move the coordinates of a single digit number [meterHour] close to the border between the black and white line it looks fine but when a 2digit hour comes in e.g. 10pm, it overlaps through the border and looks messy, is there anyway that the hours auto adjust not to overlap the black and white wallpaper border?

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