The Halo 3 HUD Desktop

The Halo 3 HUD Desktop

Reader rykennedyan’s desktop is an impressive recreation of a first-person view from the popular Halo FPS shooter—with system stats and information completely blended into the desktop.

The desktop is created entirely with customised Rainmeter configurations sitting on top of a Halo 3 wallpaper. Here’s his overview of the configuration:

  • Grenades – Each grenade launches a specific application. I currently have them set to, from left to right, Pidgin, Steam, Foobar and Firefox.
  • Power Drainer – Opens a Shutdown menu. You can choose Shutdown, Restart, and Sleep
  • Health Bar – Displays current track progress, with artist and title above it.
  • Battle Rifle and Ammo Count – Displays current unread message count from Gmail and the Battlerifle opens Gmail.
  • Ammo Clip – Top clip is download traffic; bottom clip is upload traffic.
  • Radar – As of now, all this does is download and save an image for the local radar from Weather Underground. I’m currently editing a GIMP script which will automatically crop and edit the picture to display properly upon download. What you see here is the intended look. It also displays the current temperature.
  • Time and Game Type – Display current time and date.
  • Blue Score and Red Score – Display current CPU and RAM usage.
  • Player Callsigns – These behave just like my TweetScanner skin.
  • Battlerifle Ammo Count – Displays current battery status; it displays 0 in this picture because I’m using my desktop which is not on a battery.
  • Also, the visor outline is done in Rainmeter as well.

The result is refreshingly, impressively unique. Great job, rykennedyan!

Halo HUD [Flickr]


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