The Bedroom Mac

Laptops are great and with a supportive pillow they can make lazing in bed while using the computer pretty tempting. What makes it even more tempting? A swing out wall-mounted Mac.

If you've ever laid in bed and said "Man, I wish I had a computer floating right above my head" then this setup is for you. Lifehacker reader Nathan was given a pile of dead G3 iBooks by a previous employer to tinker with. He took the box of four iBooks home in a semi-disassembled state and forgot about them.

When he found himself unemployed a few months later he decided to use some of his newly found free time to mess around with the heap of iBook parts he had. He managed to pull parts from all the iBooks and get it up and running but found that the laptop was extremely picky about being moved thanks to infamous G3 iBook GPU problem. Nathan ended up fixing it with fire—quite literally—which helped but didn't completely resolve the issue. Rather than continue to attempt repairing the quirky issue, he decided instead to make the laptop a stationary fixture thereby negating the need to further fix it.

He built a cabinet for the laptop and attached it to a sliding track allowing him to mount it over his bed and slide it down into viewing position when he wanted to use it. Although it has a keyboard and a Gyration GO Pro wireless mouse he can use while laying down, he used it primarily for media playback. Our favourite thing about Nathan's build? He noted in his email that he built it just to take his mind off being unemployed and to create something tangible and interesting only to turn around and use the computer to apply—and get!—a new job. Excellent work on both counts, Nathan!


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