Switchwise Electricity Comparisons Now Australia-Wide

Switchwise Electricity Comparisons Now Australia-Wide

switchwise2009Electricity bill price comparison site Switchwise has expanded from Victoria to cover the whole of Australia. Enter your postcode and details of your current area you’ll see a range of power plans for your area, including options for green power. Switchwise is free to use (and certainly beats signing up with the pushy next door-to-door salesperson offering you an energy deal). [Switchwise]


  • if only any of these websites would allow you to enter the actual rates that your on, I work for an electricty company, not saying which one. Not all our customers are on the “standard” rate, nor getting the standard discount.

    many people who are going to these sites will have already wangled themselves a deal anyway.

    …i hardly believe another company will save me anything on staff rates for green energy _:)

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