Start A Fire With A Mobile Phone Battery

Start A Fire With A Mobile Phone Battery

It’s entirely likely that a modern geek would bring an emergency mobile phone on a camping trip, but forget matches or a lighter. If there’s some steel wool handy, that cellphone’s battery can start a fire.

Gizmodo suggests that other batteries with exposed, close-proximity connectors, like a nine volt, can pull off the same trick, as seen on Survivorman. It wouldn’t seem to seriously damage your battery, as you’re just trying to grab a spark or two off a temporary short circuit to drop onto kindling, but don’t plan on making this a standard outdoor practice. Still, for showing off or saving the day at an outdoor excursion, it’s hard to beat calling forth fire from your Samsung’s circuits.

Survival Skills: Start a Fire with Your Cellphone [Backpacker Magazine via Gizmodo]


  • Brillo Pad? I guess it is an American product. Why do these guys even bother making instructional videos which have very specific American products in them. Can’t they mention alternatives for people who live in other countries? Like say something like “or some type of steel wool”

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