Show Battery Percentages On iPhone 3GS

Show Battery Percentages On iPhone 3GS

Planning to pick up one of those new-fangled iPhones over the weekend? You might want to activate one of the most helpful features you can have on the “Slide to Unlock” screen: an actual percentage indicator for your battery, rather than a somewhat relative cannister filled with green power. To enable it, head to Settings, General and then Usage to toggle “Battery Percentage” to On. For whatever reasons, this only works with the new hardware handsets, not on software upgrades of “older” iPhones, but it’s a handy little tweak. [Just Another iPhone Blog]


  • The Jailbroken iPods or iPhones had this functionality for quite a while now. The % is as misleading as the graphic is since there is no way of truely estimating the time left on the battery corelating to the task that you might want to start.

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