Save Money By Organising Before Purchasing Organisational Tools

Save Money By Organising Before Purchasing Organisational Tools

Next time you’re fired up over getting your space organised don’t rush out to buy all the bins, boxes and tools you think you’ll need. Attack the mess first to save money and time.

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The first impulse you might have when faced with organisng, whether you’re gearing up to organise your closet, desk or garage, is to go buy the proper tools to organise it with. You’ll need bins and boxes, labels and tags, shelving and hooks, right? Over at the frugality blog WiseBread they insist you should organise things first:

I’ve seen it happen so many times that I’m prepared to call it a general rule. If you’ve got all your receipts neatly organised in a shoebox, then it may well make sense to buy a handsome wooden receipt box. But if your receipts are scattered among drawers, tucked into envelopes, folders, and purses, and stacked up with unfiled bank statements, then buying a handsome box will do you no good at all. In fact, it’s worse than no good at all: next time you need to gather your receipts you’ll have to look in all those old places and your box as well.

Sure you’ll need some items for the finished project but if you buy before you actually assess the situation you’ll likely end up with items that are too big, too small, the wrong item for the project, or in almost every case too many. Why too many? When you organise your stuff before you buy the bins and shelves for it, you get a chance to see what you can get rid of, what isn’t useful anymore, and what actually needs to be stored. Why buy enough closet organising gear to organise clothing that might end up being donated to charity?

For more tips on getting the job done before spending a bunch of cash on supporting items, check out the full article below. If you’ve experienced things on one side of the organise-first rule or the other, we want to hear about it in the comments below.

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