Qantas Adds Online Check-In For International Flights

Qantas Adds Online Check-In For International Flights
International airports are about to get even more bag drop counters, with Qantas extending the option for online check-in to its international flights.

As with domestic flights, customers can check in online between 24 and 2 hours before their flight. Because international flights require visa and passport checks, even customers travelling just with hand luggage will need to visit a bag drop counter when they reach the airport.

Silver, gold and platinum customers will now also be offered the option to select their seats when they make international bookings online. (Customers in this category — like Lifehacker’s editor — have long been assigned a ‘requested’ seat.)

Qantas isn’t the first airline to offer this locally for international flights; British Airways rolled out a mobile check-in service last November.


  • Hm, is it just me, or is the ‘user pay’ mantra also becoming increasingly the ‘user do’ mantra? Qantas is happy to place some of the workload/time needed to check in a passenger to the passenger him/herself. And the other day I spent time online doing ‘the paperwork’ needed to make a claim to my health insurer (everything from the dentist’s registration details to the codes of work performed!). I imagine Qantas and other companies getting admin work performed for them by the customer are enjoying the cost savings associated with the practice, but can’t imagine I’ll ever see the cost savings passed onto my bills! Spending more and more time doing Qantas’ work for it is not something I find particularly ‘convenient’ at all…

  • We were mystified on Wednesday when we couldn’t find any online check-in for my friend who was off to Britain on Thursday. She’s gone, and now they introduce it!

    Having said that, when I booked my flights to Japan this July with JAL online, I was offered my choice of seats immediately.

  • Oh, so Qantas have introduced international OLCI have they ? Like … when ? I’m on QF1 out of Sydney tomorrow at 5pm Saturday 20th June. It’s now 5.30pm Friday 19th June, ie within 24H before departure. But is the option to check in online appearing on my screen as the demo says it should. No !!

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