Pushing The Limits On IKEA Hacking

Pushing The Limits On IKEA Hacking
lackzigzagWe’ve featured plenty of IKEA hacks here at Lifehacker, but it’s worth bearing in mind that repurposing an object designed to be constructed a very particular way can be a nerve-shredding process.

At IKEA Hacker, Hans outlines how he converted the $ Lack zigzag shelf into a vertical design. The results are impressive, but as the detailed step-by-step shows, reworking those elements was a fiddly process and involved a lot of trial and error.

Bottom line? Sometimes it is easier to stick with the manual. (If you’ve lost the manual, be sure to check out IKEAFANS, though bear in mind that manuals can’t always be trusted.)

Zigging the zag in Lack [IKEA Hacker]

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