Optus Offering $50 Bonus On Weekend Prepaid Top-Ups


Optus is offering $50 extra credit to any prepaid customers who top up with $30 or more this weekend. While the fine print is worth checking (you only have 30 days to spend the extra credit and can only use it for regular calls and texts), if you’re already an Optus customer it’s a potentially handy way of eking out a few extra calls for your dollar. Optus


  • Be very careful when taking up these kind of offers from Optus! I had $50 credit on my phone with 12-months expiry period. I then applied for & received $10 bonus Christmas credit, which had a 30-day expiry period. When 30 days passed, all of my credit disappeared (i.e. it took the 12-month credit along with it). It took 4 days and 8 phone calls to get my credit reinstated. The bonus credit is not worth the hassle!

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