Open Beer Bottles With Bic Lighters

If you lack for a ring, Wired explains the time-honored tradition of popping the top with a Bic-type lighter.

The hands pictured above and at the How-To Wiki post aren't actually in the safest, most efficient position for cap removal, even if it works. The lager-friendly writer at Wired explains exactly how to place your digits, and writes elegantly on how to work them:

Squeeze the hand that is grasping the bottle to create pressure around the cap, while, in one swift motion, you grab the top of the lighter with your other hand and push the lighter down like a lever, with your forefinger around the cap acting as a fulcrum.

Use your thumb instead of your forefinger, as you might naturally do, and you could direct the cap toward your face, which is a bad idea under any circumstances.

If there's an emergency bottle opening technique we haven't featured here, let us know about it—we are, apparently, building quite the collection. Open a Beer Bottle With a Lighter [Wired How-To Wiki]


    Car seat belts work well!

    The metal bit that you clip in, you can use the same principle here, works better then a lighter i.e easier on the hands.. but I guess a lighter is more accessible, the other thing with the lighter trick is the cap will eat in to the bottom of the plastic lighter.. so too many drinks and it will bust a hole in your lighter and loose the gas.

    Agree with Shayne that car seat belts work good. Also good are:

    - mobile phones (older ones are better)
    - blunt end of a knife (or other cutlery)
    - a4 printer paper folded up as many times as possible

    and my favourite...

    another bottle of beer

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