Officeworks, Harris Technology Pulling Out Of FlyBuys

owhtBad news for tech geeks looking to accrue some freebies with their purchases: both the Officeworks chain and Harris Technology are pulling out of the FlyBuys scheme from July 1, 2009.

That change was perhaps an inevitable development since Wesfarmers acquired Coles Group, the owner of both companies, back in 2007. In practice, it means that once the current financial year is over, the only options where you can grab geek gear and score FlyBuys points are Kmart and Target, neither of which exactly have a wide range of tech stuff in stock. With that said, if your credit card lets you accumulate frequent flyer points, you might score a free flight a lot faster by purchasing your PCs and other geek needs that way.

Officeworks/Harris Technology


    Coincidentally (?) I just got an email from Virgins Velocity rewards program that said purchases from Apple Store, Dell and some other tech companies now count towards their rewards program.

      Officeworks is now lowest price for all tech gear, they beat even online stores so it doesnt really make sense if they offer a loyalty scheme as well - all that does it add to the bottom line for everyone i guess...

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