NumLocker Disables The Caps Lock Key

Windows only: Tiny application NumLocker disables the Caps, Num and Scroll Lock keys from an easy-access menu in the system tray.

Using the application is simple enough—just right-click on the tray icon and choose whether you want the key enabled or not, or you can set the key to be always disabled. If you rarely use the keys and don't mind having an extra utility running in the background, it might be worth a look.

If you never want to use the Caps Lock key again, you have plenty of other options: You can use TabsLock to make it launch your browser, turn it into a dedicated minimize button, or just neuter it with a quick autohotkey script. Thanks, Shankar!

NumLocker is a free download for Windows only. Do you ever use the Caps Lock key for anything useful? Tell us in the comments.

NumLocker [Dead'Soul via WhoisMadhur]


    I think I love you. ;-)
    I have an HP laptop and have had problems with the NumLock since the computer was repaired right at the end of it's warranty. The only way I could make it work properly was to activate it from the on screen keyboard. Using the actual key caused me to get numerical values on the right side of the keyboard and no amount of upgrades or patches seemed to work.
    This little app does the trick.

    Well as a design draughtsman I use the CapsLocks key almost constantly.
    I am so used to having the CapsLock key on when drafting that I use the Shift key to get the odd lower case letter. (Mainly units like km, mm etc)
    All our drawings require all text to be in uppercase. Without the CapsLock key I would constantly have my finger on the Shift key.

    The Caps Lock on my HP dv6000 Laptop used to show a little blue light when I pressed the button. In addition, there used to be a small box which shows up just above the notification area telling users that the Caps Lock is either ON or OFF. A month or so ago, the blue light and the small box stopped and when I now press the Caps Lock, nothing happens. Fortunately, I can type capital letters whenever I need, but there is no indication on the laptop that the Caps Lock is ON or OFF. Can anyone help me restore the blue indicator light and the notification to my laptop?

    Where can I download this program?

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